Monday, April 27, 2009

Got Twitter?

I am a huge proponent of social networking, and letting the net-work for you (Get it Yeah I'm working on getting that copyrighted). The kings of all social networks are Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. All have had their reign as head honcho on the web popularity contest, but as of now the winner has to be Twitter.

Twitter has been everywhere lately. Oprah just started her account live on her show this past Friday causing twitters traffic to increase by 43% (Which is an entire other post in itself ie. the power of Oprah). Every artist and celebrity has a twitter page whether they are updating it themselves or some lowly intern is constantly peckering away in the voice of their "too busy to care but realizes why it matters" boss.

That being said when a Twitter account is created on behalf of yourself or your company you must first figure out why you are creating said account. Is it because you want to network with like minded, industry affiliated persons, want to connect with old friends, keep up with the fam? Figure that out quickly because that answer will determine what name you choose. SexyGirlNYC will have an entirely different type of followers then KaseyTheGreat <== (me by the way!).

Once you account is created choose who you follow with some discretion...Constant updates from Lil Ke Ke from around the corner may not actually be helping your cause of establishing yourself and your brand. People routinely troll through a persons followers list before choosing to follow or accept a follow invitation so keep that in mind while you are building your Twitter database.

I'm not a constant "Say hi just to say hi" type of person on Twitter. These are the people that send out canned "thanks for the follow" messages with no real connection with whom they are reaching out to. If you choose to do this make the message a little less formal and a lot more fun. Make a comment about one of the last tweets the person made to show you actually are paying attention. Ex: "Hey @Cathrynmarie you are right, Oprah's hair does look like a dead beaver on her head! ha..BTW thanks for the follow!"

Overall twitter is a networking site so get out and network. A quiet account gets deleted pretty quickly in the Twitter world so stay interesting.

And please please please remember that this is being seen my everyone that is following you, and everyone reading the retweets of the persons following you. Trust me, I've seen my tweets on Google and was a bit mortified at the prospect of my thoughts being saved on some enormous web archive system somewhere. Now if i choose to run for president one Yahoo search will immediately show the world my mundane thoughts about my next door neighbor and my sons dead fish!

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Happy tweeting! (Or is it twittering? hmmm...)


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