Wednesday, April 29, 2009


There will probably be many Twitter related posts on this blog because, well i love Twitter. I especially love how it knocks down the barriers between artists, celebrities, even companies between the public.

I make sure that all my clients that are looking to broaden awareness for their company and move forward with an effective grassroots marketing campaign has a Twitter account. (I love to use the word "engage" instead of "network" when explaining why Twitter matters to someone that just doesn't get it) The theory is that if someone is following you then they obviously care about what you have to say. But there are limits to what should be done via Twitter and that's when you have to mind your Twitterquette (I'm googling that as soon as I'm done with this post. I'm so looking for a phrase to coin as my own!)or your Twitter-etiquette .

That being said The Morning News has a great article on Twitter etiquette and gives 14 rules that should be followed. Click here for the full article or just see below for the abbreviated version (But do yourself a favor and click the link, it's pretty funny and frequent twitter users will either see themselves or someone they are following in the explanations).

Happy Twittering!

1. Watch your ratio.
2. Think twice before twittering in an altered state.
3. Consider pausing between tweets.
4. Keep small conversations private.
5. Accept that some people will use lots of @s.
6. Be vague when twittering private social events.
7. Remember everyone can hear you.
8. What’s rude in life is rude on Twitter.
9. Don’t compound an accident.
10. Try to keep within the character limit.
11. DMs don’t necessarily require a response.
12. Leave when you want.
If you want to stop following someone, stop. There’s no need to send a breakup note. Unless you’re having Twitter sex.
I had to leave that explanation in. So funny yet so true!)
13. Plug moderately.
14. Answer your own questions.

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